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Trans, imprisoned – and trapped

Transgender women fight for their rights in Colorado’s prisons

Colorado Settles Suit By Transgender Inmate Who Alleged Rape

Colorado Continues Its Abuse of Incarcerated Trans Woman After Brutal Rape

Masterpiece Cakeshop Ruling Bad but Could Have Been Worse, Attorney Says

Transgender Inmate and Rape Victim Put “in the Hole” After New Threats

Colorado Continues Its Abuse of Incarcerated Trans Woman After Brutal Rape

Transgender inmates at Colorado Territorial prison welcome reforms, but are outraged by behavior that sparked it

Transgender inmate sues state prison system

Transgender Inmate Safety

Transgender inmates claims rape after protection was denied

Lindsay Saunders-Velez, Transgender Prisoner: Two Rapes and Still Not Safe

Transgender inmate raped, beaten in Cañon City prison hours after judge denied motion to keep her in safer quarters

Transgender inmate says she was raped twice in Canon City men’s prison

A Transgender Inmate Says She Was Raped in a ‘Discriminatory and Dangerous’ Colorado Men’s Prison

ACLU — representing gay couple at center of Masterpiece Cakeshop case — files brief in U.S. Supreme Court

How It Feels When Someone Refuses to Make Your Son a Wedding Cake

Gay couple to anti-gay baker: This is how nondiscrimination laws are supposed to work

‘Religious freedom’ is just one ball to juggle in a pluralistic society

A Gay Couple Just Asked The Supreme Court To Rule Against A Christian Baker

Cake Is His ‘Art.’ So Can He Deny One to a Gay Couple

Bakers Can Be Artists, But They Still Can’t Discriminate

In major Supreme Court case, Justice Dept. sides with baker who refused to make wedding cake for gay couple

Several Congressional Leaders Now Support Wedding Cake Case

Trump Administration Sides With Baker In Same-Sex Wedding Cake Case

The Department of Justice backs a baker who refused to make a gay wedding cake

Shown the Door, Older Workers Find Bias Hard to Prove

Colorado Appeals Court Ruled in Favor of Same-Sex Couple

Nurse raped by boss with checkered history sues Aurora nursing center

Regis University hit with sexual harassment claim

Laid-off workers file age discrimination suit against Spirit

Laid-off Spirit employees claim age discrimination

Douglas County School District accused of forcing two ill teachers into retirement

Problem Solvers: Grandmother says she was fired for breast cancer diagnosis

Christian Baker Can’t Turn Down Gay Couple, Colorado Court Rules

Plaintiff In Wichita discrimination suit – It’s Personal

‘Active Shooter’ Drills Spark Raft of Legal Complaints

Supervisor sent ‘inappropriate’ email to employees at Denver’s Department of Human Services

AARP Foundation lawyers join complaint against Spirit

Woman sues after being held ‘hostage’

Forced Out, Older Workers Are Fighting Back

How a wedding cake became a cause

Ex-Spirit Aero staff claim their high health costs led to layoffs

Colorado school faces accusation that it could have prevented shooting

No right to refuse gay couple’s wedding cake
Lead counsel: Paula Greisen and Dana L. Menzel

Airport Workers Join EEOC Suit Over Muslim Headscarves

Female workers make harassment claims against Sushi Den

Lockheed Whistleblower Case

Police Take DNA From Children Without Consent

Denver agrees to pay $695,000 to settle suit in deaf man’s jail death

Yellow Cab takes a hit in arbitrator’s decision on racism case

Measure puts penalty on employer in lawsuits

Montez v. CDC

Prayer Leads to Work Disputes

Ramadan Dispute at Greeley Plant Exposes Deeper Issues

African labor dispute in Colorado

Parking-lot workers file bias claims

Suit claims boss evened score

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